C&I Wye Area

This is a pretty nebulous description. Updates here will cover progress from the Tygart Valley River bridge to the Livingston Avenue industries.

May 27, 2006

First ties!

The adhesive is not dry yet in this image from late May. Central Valley tie strips and turnouts are in place. The ramp to the Tygart Valley River bridge is in the background, while the switch to the Coal & Iron line is in the right foreground. The Railroad Avenue spur is on the right. Additional length will be added to the far end once I finish the river bank. I added a switchback to the Standard Oil depot as it would fit, and somehow I missed seeing it on the valuation map.

The image at right is looking south back toward the camera location of the above image. Two legs of the C&I wye are nearly in place. Centerlines of the powerhouse spur and the tannery spur can be seen to the right. Note the slight bevel on the sides of the track to the right. This is the ramp leading to the Tygart Valley River bridge. The bevel was cut with a utility knife and sanded. Lightweight spackle was applied to fill some divots. Once it was all dry, the latex dirt paint was added. Latex color for the ground areas is 'Bagel'.

Next up, I need to procure a few more turnouts to make the Coal & Coke connection and add the tannery and power house spurs.

Looking south at the new ties.


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