12th Street

Late April 2006

Switching th efreight house along 12th Street.

The morning of April 30, 2006, I prepared for visitors for an NMRA convention open house. After cleaning up the place, I had some time on my hands. I looked around and realized how barren the layout looked. So I laid some ties strips down where the tracks will go and placed some locos and rolling stock on the ties. I also leaned some prototype images against the backdrop to offer visitors an idea of what I hope to model. I was amazed at how much better the layout looked with a few 'props'.

Nearly 30 visitors came by the house on April 30th. Most had been cautioned of the lack of rail, but many were interested in the plan and methods. A 2-8-0 switches some boxcars at the freight house above.

Helping on the rear of a coal train on 12th Street.

A Russian Decapod assists a coal train coming off of the Coal & Iron line into South Elkins. The freight house is to the left just out of the picture, while the C&I wye is just around the bend. Hard to believe the layout is twelve inches deep here. Note the dark fascia. This is planned for the entire layout. The fascia color is 'French Roast'. Mmmm....french roast.....

I thought I would start laying ties and rail through 12th Street first, but after some review it seems the main line should be elevated slightly through here. I'm awaiting a supply of branchline thickness Homabed (1/8" thick) to continue progress here.

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