Past RPM-East speakers and presentations

2015 RPM-East Presentations:

Keith Albright Using loads to enhance operations on small and medium sized layouts
Paul Backenstose We Dig Coal!
Andy Blenko A Look Back at the Trolleys of Irwin
Charlie Blenko Creating a Model Railroad Website with Weebly
Jim Dalberg Lackawanna passenger trains - the prototype, modeling equipement and operations
Keith DeVault History of the Morgantown and Kingwood Railroad
Larry DeYoung Modeling a mile of the PRR and EL in Ravenna, Ohio
Dick Foley
& Steve Funaro
Reading rebuilt automobile box cars
John Frantz Creating and Applying Decals from a Professional Perspective
Nick Fry Pittsburgh Images from the Barriger Collection, 1920s to the 1960s.
Steve Funaro Baltimore & Ohio N-12 class coal hoppers
John Gallagher The Other Steel Industry
John Greene Building HO passenger cars using 3-D resin parts and Branchline kits
Eric Hansmann Reality; it's a bitch! The journey of a prototype-based layout.
Eric Hansmann Introduction to Blogging
Bob Hubbard High and Wide Loads
Jim Hunter Modeling PRR N8 Cabin Cars
Jerry Jordak Modeling New Castle in 1969: Building a layout based on the prototype
Fred Lass Building B&O steam engines in HO scale
Den Lippert Conrail's common 50-foot box cars
Jim Panza Trailer-Train 60-foot car fleet
Ramon Rhodes Where did all the sidings go? Santa Fe's Chicago operations
Steve Ross Tank Cars for Natural Gas Products and By-Products
Jim Ruffing Burlington Northern merger musings - history and pre-merger modeling
Stan Rydarowicz Mather Freight Car Company
Jim Sacco The Modernization of Main Street
Bill Schaumburg Touring the American Rock Salt Company
Mike Shylanski B&O's DuBois car shop and the new cars it built
Greg Smith B&O diesel models from 1945-1960
Mont Switzer Favorite flat car loads and the flat cars that carry them
Chip Syme How a railroader details and operates his model railroad
John Teichmoeller Coke making in beehive ovens - Mercury Coke & Coke in Bretz, WV, 1973
Mark Vaughan Agriculture Processing and the resulting Railroad Traffic
E. Roy Ward Essentials of Time Table and Train Order
Brandon Wehe Operating Army trains
John Wesner Railfanning in the 1950s in and around Pittsburgh
David Wilson Prototype Modeling of Steam locomotives - Improving Details and Running Qualities

2013 RPM-East Presentations:

Keith Albright: Designing a Small Layout for Large Scale Operation
Art Biehler: Bellefontaine, Ohio - the Rise and Fall of a RR Town
Dom Candelore: Scratch Building B&O C-15 Express Car Trucks in O Scale
Jim Dalberg: The Lackawanna Railroad, Modeling an Anthracite Road
Keith Devault: The B&O thru Chessie in West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania
Jeff English: Prototype and Model in S Scale
Dick Flock: Southwestern Pennsylvania Railroad and Youngwood Railroad History
Nick Fry: John W. Barriger III's Chicago
John Gallagher: The Other Steel Industry
Eric Hansmann: Prototype-Inspired Layout Design for Limited Spaces
Jerry Jordak: Postcards from the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie
Vagel Keller: Operations on the Blacklog and Shade Gap Eastern
Larry Kline: P&LE Serves the Steel Centers - P&LE Commodities
Bob Leverknight: Trackplanning an O scale layout: Operations on the B&O S&C sub
Jim Panza: TTX - the early years
Ramon Rhodes: Railroading Down South - Tuscaloosa Alabama
Jim Ruffing: Easy to Model SP&S Freight Cars
Stan Rydarowicz: Mather cars
Bill Schaumburg: Cars for the 5:15, commuter cars in the traditional era
Mike Schleigh: Modeling the Wellsville Addison & Galeton (WAG) Revisited
Neal Schorr: Pittsburgh Light Rail System
Bob Stutzman: Come Along With Us and Ride the Ligioner Valley
Mont Switzer: Favorite Highway Vehicle Projects
Chip Syme: Odd and one of a kind equipment for Conrail and Penn Central
John Teichmoeller: Prototype and HO Model Slag and Ingot Cars
Tony Thompson: Prototypical Waybills for Car Card Operation
E. Roy Ward: Timetable & Train Order operations
John Wesner: When Freight Cars Became Colorful

2011 RPM-East Presentations:

Keith Albright - Decoder Pro: Setup, Programing, Speed Matching, Consisting and Prototypical Operations
Art Biehler - New York Central LCL Container Gondolas
Andy Blenko - In Search of Irwin Station
Brian Carlson - An approach to developing a Steam Era Box Car Fleet
Jim Dalberg - Modeling an Anthracite Road - Why, What, Where, When, and maybe some How
Keith DeVault - History of the Morgantown and Kingwood Railroad
Larry DeYoung - What a Modeler Can Learn From Running a Short Line Railroad
Gary Dunmire - Operation of a local switcher
Bruce Elliott - Building B&O wooden interlocking towers in HO
Dick Flock - Unique Rolling Stock: Prototype and Modeling
Nick Fry - Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts: Archival Research on The B&O's Pittsburgh Division
Steve Funaro - Assembling a flat kit vs a one piece kit for a Union RR gondola
Eric Hansmann - Modeling a Mile, or Just a Bit More
Roger Hinman - New York Central Steel Gondolas
Ben Hom - Open Hopper Cars of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad 1919-1963
Bob Karig - Calculating the Power Requirements of Steam Locomotives
Larry Kline - Boxcars of the P&LE 1910 to 1975
Bob Leverknight - The Housing Crisis, or Where Do These People Live
Ramon Rhodes - The Santa Fe Railway in Chicago During the 1960's
John Roberts - Modeling Rail Port Operations, C&O Newport News, VA
Steve Ross and Paul Gallick - Classic Farm Tractors, 1917-1959
Jim Ruffing - Modeling Northern Pacific Covered Hoppers
Stan Rydarowicz - Modern Ice Reefers of the FGEX, BREX and WFEX
Mike Schleigh - Hide Cars Report, 1951 to 1972: Prototype and Modeling
Mont Switzer - Interesting Freight Car Modeling Projects
Chip Syme - How to Model a PRR Heavyweight Camp Car
John Wesner - Steam in Western PA (& Beyond) in the Late 1950s
Tom Wilson - Prototype Modeling and Operations: Pittsburgh & West Virginia and Union RRs

2009 RPM-East Presentations:

Paul Backentose - Pittsburg & Shawmut
Ted Culotta - Modeling Steam Era Tank Cars in HO Scale
Jim Dalberg - Modeling Equipment of the Anthracite Roads
Gary Dunmire - Prototype operating practices by a CR/NS yardmaster
Jeff English - NYC boxcars in the classic era
Dick Flock - Open Loads - Prototype and model
Bill Hanley - B&O boxcars, protoype & model
Eric Hansmann - Modeling the Fairmont Belt Line
Ron Hoess - The Pennsylvania Railroad's Postwar Trackside Buildings
Bob Karig - Freight Car Trucks during the Steam Era
Tony Koester - Nickel Plate's Third Sub: Lessons Learned
Joe Lofland - Building a Scene - Newfield Junction on the WAG
Marty McGuirk - Vermont Yankees to Tidewater – the CV in Connecticut
Lance Mindheim - Layout Design, Putting the Horse Before the Cart
Pierre Oliver - Building Resin Kits, Some thoughts from a custom builder
Ramon Rhodes - Nailing It: The details on your layout that count
John Roberts - Modeling a Port Operation; The C & O - Newport News, VA
Mike Rose - The Port of Erin area on my layout
Steve Ross - Colonie Colors. A History of D&H Diesel Paint Schemes
Stan Rydarowicz - Rebuilt Ice Reefers of the BREX FGEX WFEX and NP
Mike Schleigh - The B&O Before the WAG
Neal Schorr - Modeling line poles and pole lines
Greg Smith - Modeling the B&O's East End
Mont Switzer - Tools, Tips & Techniques Part II
John Teichmoeller - The Ilchester station project
Bill Welch - Freight Cars of the Southern Railway: 1940-1955
John Wesner - Steam in Western PA & Beyond in the mid-1950s